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The Pain Clinic offers innovative and alternative solutions for managing chronic pain, anxiety and other illnesses which have not responded to conventional medication. Our mission is to ease your pain and improve your quality of life!

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104 reviews
  • Mary Anne Schembri·

    Dr Agius is very professional. He listens and explains in simple terms. He takes all the time required to clarify any queries. The staff at reception is very polite and accommodating.

  • Andrew Steet·

    Highly professional service. Both sympathetic and understanding of my symptoms. The Doctor takes time to listen and understand his patients' problems.

  • James Muscat·

    Top marks! Excellent service and follow ups. A special thank you to Dr Agius for his detailed explanation and recommendations. Very much appreciated. Thanks also to Stacey for her warm welcome to the pain clinic. Keep it up!

  • EM·

    Highly recommended as Dr Andrew offers an Excellent and holistic service.

  • MD·

    Excellent Service as always

  • Markita·

    I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for years, and my journey to find effective treatment has been long and difficult. Before I went to pain clinic, I was under the care of a doctor who, unfortunately, made my condition worse with the medications he prescribed. It was a challenging and frustrating time for me.

    However, my experience drastically improved when I started visiting this clinic and met Dr. Madeline Bonnici. Dr. Bonnici's dedication to her patients is truly exceptional. From the very first appointment, she took the time to explain everything in detail, ensuring I fully understood my treatment options and what to expect.

    Dr. Bonnici's thoroughness and commitment to finding the right treatment plan for me have made a significant difference in managing my fibromyalgia. She is always very helpful, patient, and attentive to my concerns. Her approach has not only alleviated my symptoms but also improved my overall quality of life.

    I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Bonnici's expertise and compassion. I highly recommend Pain Clinic and Dr. Madeline Bonnici to anyone seeking effective and empathetic care for chronic pain conditions.

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